CCVT is funded entirely by generous donations from former and current students, parents, churches, and others who see what God is doing on the campus of Virginia Tech and wish to support this work.

We would love for you to consider partnering with us in the mission of CCVT


We are so thankful for all of our supporters and partners in the ministry at CCVT. We would love for you to consider supporting us financially.

To donate, mail checks to:
Christ's Church at Virginia Tech
P.O. Box 352; Blacksburg, VA 24063

or donate online by clicking here:


In order to eliminate some of the financial strain of the semester, we are asking for donations of the following items: Soda (cans), Toilet Paper, Hand Soap, Garbage Bags (kitchen and 30-45 gallon), Paper Plates, Bowls, Plastic Forks, Napkins, Clorox Wipes, Copy Paper, Starbucks Gift Cards, Snacks, and Coffee Grounds.

All items can be picked up or dropped off at our campus house

413 Clay ST SW; Blacksburg, VA 24060


Every couple of months, we send out a newsletter updating our friends and partners about what's happening at Tech and CCVT! Email us your information to receive our newsletter by mail or email.